Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Finally Made It to Luckett's Spring Market 2011!

Last weekend I went to Luckett's Spring Market in Luckett's, Virginia.  It was my first time, although I have heard about it off and on for about 5 years.  This year I marked my calendar and announced I was going.  I only wish I'd gone sooner and am definitely returning next year - most likely as a vendor!

Before I go any farther, let me just say that I didn't take any pictures of the Market or the wonderful Old Luckett's Store or the Beekeeper's Cottage or Design House or all the cool vendors with their really, really cool stuff.  WHY?  Because I'm still new at blogging and I totally forgot to bring my camera!  Live & learn, right?  Arrgh.

But, I can tell you that I met some wonderful people and I can show you some of my newly found treasures.

It took us 3 hours to get there.  We arrived about noon and later heard that traffic was backed up 1 1/2 miles when they opened at 10:00.  Thankfully, we just waltzed right in.

 We headed through some of the Luckett's grounds first and then into the Old Luckett's Store, Beekeeper's Cottage (loved their wonderful red polka dot shutters) and Design House. Talk about treasures galore, oh my!

Outside we meandered in and out of more of the open structures surrounding Luckett's.  There were lots of old windows and wrought iron pieces that I just loved.  Just as the heat of the day was getting to me,  we met Joy.  She was the sweetest thing and invited us to sit in the shade beside her while she rushed seats.  Joy lived down the road and told us that the town of Luckett's was basically what we were looking at.  There was also a school and a fire station and I can't remember what else she said because I was a bit dizzy from the heat of the day.  But, she was so lovely and I could easily have sat there in the shade all afternoon watching her work and getting to know her.

My first purchase of the day were these 2 white cast iron plant stands.  They have movable arms.  I'm thinking of putting candles on them to give them a romantic touch.

Later I came across a pretty green chaise and it was my 2nd purchase of the day.  I bought it from 2 ladies who were from Maryland.  I didn't get their names, but their business tag was still on the chair, called Autumn to May.  I've always wanted a chaise and just love this one.  Although I am going to repaint it and change the fabric.  The green paint is awesome, but the back is silver.  They said it was that way when they found it, so I don't feel bad like I'm going over something they did.  I'll probably paint it all over green and maybe get a pretty pink fabric.

My last purchase of the day was from Alice & Jay who came up from Georgia - a 16 hour drive!  They were so much fun to talk to and had the coolest stuff.  I'm still regretting that I didn't have the money to buy their fabulous fleur de lis lamp stands.  But, I did buy this mega awesome shabby romantic chalkboard.  Not only was it gorgeous, but the homeschooling mom in me had to have it! :)

Alice & Jay told me about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which I coincidentally found in a delightful store just down the road.  (More to come on my experience with the chalk paint!)

So ended my trip to Luckett's Spring Market.  I had a total blast and can't wait to go back next year!  As we drove home we passed a nearby barn with a yard full of furniture. We turned around to check them out and they had the most adorable polka dot pink silo and the barn had wonderful polka dot window boxes and awnings.  I knew immediately this was my kind of place!  Unfortunately we pulled in just after closing time and so we continued with our 3 hour drive home.  But, I made a mental note that one day I'd return.   Little did I know it would be the very next day!  (more on that later, too!)

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