Saturday, June 4, 2011

On a Whim

In my last post I mentioned the really awesome pink polka dot silo and barn that I promised myselt that I'd return to one day.

And, I also mentioned in my last post that Alice & Jay told me about Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.  They had been so enthusiastic about these paints that as soon as I got home from Luckett's, I did a google search for them.  That led me to the Annie Sloan stockist list which led me to a store called On a Whim. Can you imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that On a Whim was the barn with the pink polka dot silo!

Can you believe it? I'd been "that close" to visiting the store and "that close" to getting my hands on the chalk paints.

As I scrolled down the page, I knew for sure that On a Whim was definitely my kind of place.  The shabby painted furniture looked like they could have come right out of my basement studio.  Then, I looked over at the "About Me' and the owner and I have the same first name.  Another amazing coincidence is that her shop's name is On a Whim and my ebay name is Out On a Whimsy.

I knew then and there I had to go back the next day, 3 hour drive or not!  lol  If you ever have the opportunity to go, you must!  I felt like I had walked into my dream store.  The place was filled with all sorts of cottagey treasures. There was also a building next door filled with the most romantic dresses.  You feel like a princess just being in the same space with them.  I wish I had pictures to show you!

I introduced myself to Donna, the owner, and it turns out we have the same middle name, too.  How crazy is that? 

Outside a group of us watched as Celeste gave a demo of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. I ended up buying 11 quarts and these pretty treasures, too.

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